samples to my album; arteagaverse,com

i started working on this album when i was 11, so yeah some of the songs are like 6 or 7 years old. i am 17 as im writing this, i don't know if i will ever make an album again. there is too much to do when making one, i have to do everything in my songs by myself; that means i have to do production, mixing, writing, composition, arrangement, as well as coding this site and all the extra stuff. i really hope the people who listen to this enjoy it, i really hope i can make this my career one day.

anyways, i'm going to include when i made the song and my thoughts on it as well as the samples for each song. please go listen to these songs, these are some of my favorite songs of all time and i feel like this album really represents me as who i am. i won't include the breaks, i'm pretty sure you can tell what breaks im using.

1. latency (2016)

this is one of the first "good" songs i ever made. i made it in 2016 and released it on streaming services; 2017. i remastered it and i'm including it in this album since i have many memories with this song. i love frenesi so so much, that's the second song i sampled from her. the first is the "frenesifrenesiv1"/"that one girl with short hair" song.


2. arteaga verse dot com (2017-2018?)

i don't exactly remember when i made this song, maybe early middle school... but i do love this song, it has some really pretty bosa nova chords.


3. small happiness (2017-2018?)

small happiness is one of my fav songs, its so simple but it gets really complex on the second half. the drums are so awesome, they kinda remind me of footwork. that "u better run bitch" was like my old tag when i first started making songs, i dont know why the original song got taken down, i just found out it did.


4. telefield (2022)

the first version that i made of this song was soooo different. i asked mikah to add some vocals to it and then jose ended up making it more of a bossa nova sound and i tweaked a few more things and that's how it came out to this amazing song.

no sample

5. your name w/ aphextwinsucks (2021)

this song i started not TOO long ago and i did release it on an alternate soundcloud account and did pretty well, and then ethan remixed it and i ended up adding it to the album. ethan is one of my fav producers btw, awesome work.


6. your name 2 (2021)

i actually made this song right after your name. i was like holy cow this song is amazing, let me make a similar one.


7. koneko*neko (2023)

this is the last song i made on this album, i really love it. i use a few pop'n music samples in the album since they're all so amazing! but, this song is a bit more calm than the rest of the album. i guess u can consider this song as more of a remix, but it took me really long to make. it's basically a dance version of the original.


8. ٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)ᵒᵏᵎᵎᵎᵎ (2022)

i think this song is actually one of my best. some of the people who have listened to this song have told me that it's too "cute". i dont know... listen for yourself.


9. 私のコンピュータが盗まれました (2022)

i actually found this song pretty recently in my hard drive, i completely forgot about it. i opened it and i listened and i was like wow this is pretty good so i posted it on soundcloud and it did pretty well and ended up getting reposted by a big channel on youtube which got a pretty good amount of views as well. also that enya sample is really cool, when i heard it in the podcast i was like wow this would sound great in a song intro.


10. k-on! (2019)

this song is just bc i love RYUTist and all of their music, this song is probably my favorite in this whole project. i love the parts when my drums get calmer and let the beauty of the song play. i love this sample too much and i have so many memories with it 🥹. i love miku so much.


11. pomodorosa (arteaga verse mix) (2021)

it actually took me a while to ask pomodorosa about this, i started this song long ago but i found it again on my hard drive and asked her if she was okay with me using it and she was! she was super excited and im very happy with this song.


12. adore you, love you (demo) (2020)

i actually started the instrumental for this song so long ago and ended up adding lyrics to it last year. the reason this song is a demo is because i still needed male vocals for the middle of the song which were not completed since the singer didn't answer me for those days. this song was very inspired by "desafinado" and i used almost all the chords which is why i'll list this as a "sample".


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