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▏website not mobile friendly...▕ welcome to our stupid label. we make bad music for you to buy and listen to... (•‿•) we suck. || we are currently looking for new members, more info below!
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can someone...tell mio to.......stop being shy...
also, don't forget to turn on background music! the button is in the top right
i tried my best trying to code this site. it was really inspired by the 2002 version of melonbooks' website.
i borrowed a lot of the code from that site for this. i've been working on this site for a couple of days now, i think i'll be faster and better in the future!

we are currently looking for new members.
drawing artists, web designers, photo editors, producers, etc.

if you are interested, u can join the discord on the right or message me on discord @memomontanez

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merch... we'll release more soon ╥﹏╥

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memomomomo: hellooooo everyone, this is the new site ive been coding. what do u think... im still changing and fixing a lot of things. i've been wanting to do a redesign for quite a while, this literally the 3rd version of this site!

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